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Game 145 Open Thread- Royals (48-96) at Indians (84-62)

Now its unclear what the narrative is going to dictate. Do the Royals turn into an all-purpose spoiler, a wrecking crew that knows no preference, no favorites and no allies? Do the Royals ride the faintest hints of optimisim coming from a series win over the Sox towards some "strong" finish that sees the team reach 55 wins?

Or, does the horribleness continue, as the Royals play intermediary to a White Sox collapse and a Cleveland surge, beating the Sox but falling to the Indians?

Tonight, its the Legendary Jimmy Gobble (1-0, 5.83 ERA) against the formerly horrible, now kinda good Scott Elarton (907, 4.73 ERA).

In 2001 Elarton posted a 7.14 ERA in Houston, and a 6.65 ERA with the Rockies. Then, in 2002, he didn't appear in a major league game, which was followed by a 6.27 ERA in '03, and 9.80 ERA with the Rockies in the first-half of '04. Then, he ended up in Cleveland, and has managed a 4.53 ERA (for the second half of last season) and a 4.73 ERA this year. He's probably made himself another 10 million dollars by viture of his sub 5.00 ERA this season, insuring another two to four chances in the Bigs, even if he completely sucks from here on out.

Not a bad comeback from looking awful for about 5 years.

But, he faces the mighty Royals tonight, led by the Awesome Angel Berroa Man...