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Game 145- Indians 3, Royals 1 (48-97)

You never know what to expect with these Royals. Ohh, OK, you know it will probably be a loss, but sometimes it's a little, umm, off somehow. As was the case tonight; 3-1 victory, Jimmy Gobble and Elarton in a pitcher's duel? The Royals flirting with a 1-0 victory for approximately 20 minutes?

Mark Teahen powered the Royal attack with his 4th home run. Fourth? Is he the backup catcher? Ohh, no, he's the starting 3rd baseman, playing in his 115th game. But hey, he's a pretty good average guy at .239, so it's alllll good.

With his 4th homer as a Royal, White passes a large group of historical figures, including Mike DiFelice, Mike Kingery, Rey Sanchez, Terry Pendleton and Kelly Stinnett. Teahen's now in a dogfight, tied with 16 guys for 128th Most Powerful Royal EVER!. I'll wipe a tear from my eye when Teahen strike next, as he passes Niefi Perez, Rondell White (in about a month and one half in '03) and Pat Tabler.

Pat Tabler people. Pat Tabler.

One last thing before we check out. For the second time in the last three days, Bell had a quick hook and went with The Kyle Snyder Show. Ehh... what is there to say? I think its a bad move in-game, but probably not the end of the world long-term. Although, I guess theres the 10% chance that Gobble turns into something interesting and then the extra protection is worth it.

My problem is that it is nevertheless a lock-step, robotic move; "I've gotta have a short lease with these younger guys, just aren't proven at this level". As we all know, this is also the "why I'm playing Terrance Long" ethos.

Buddy Bell is hurting the long-term of interests of this team on a daily basis. If Allard Baird is still redemable, he'll say something about playing the young guys.