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Game 147 Open Thread- Royals (48-98) at Indians (86-62)

Wow. Before I can even get started with my day, its 9-0 Cleveland in the 6th inning. I'm sure the Royals are real popular in Chicago this weekend, with a complete lay down against the Indians.

Actually, thats not fully the case, until today our boys had shown a modicum of heart I guess, losing by only 1 and 2 runs. Hell, they even looked like they might win last night.

So the Indians are gonna win 90-95 games this season, even after a slow start. But the Royals can't win because of the MLB system and the small market size. It hurts even more that Oakland, Minnesota and Cleveland all get that special MLB exemption, where they don't follow the same rules and strictures as the Royals.

And someone tell C.C. Sabathia to wear his cap straight.