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Game 147- Indians 11, Royals 0 (48-99)

Ho-hum, another meltdown. 11-0 Indians roll, as the Indians scored more runs in one inning than the Royals had hits all day.

The offensive ineptitude continued, as the Royals managed only five singles, no other hits and, of course, 0 walks. Fun, fun. Ohh yea, they struck out 10 times.

LimaTime was bombed again, surprising no one. The semi-adequacy we saw in July and August is over, and the season ERA is back up to 6.95.

Thing is, when you lose 11-0, it basically means there was an infinite number of ways you could have lost, and very few ways you could have won. Scoring 0 of course means you can't win, at all, but even if you bump it up to one run, or even two, the odds are still against you. Ditto for giving up 11 runs. Hmm, you might win a 12-11 game, but thats a tall order. I'm not sure if i'm making sense, but the Royals could've lost this game about a million different ways. No offense, no pitching.

I'm watching some cheese-ball thing on ESPN about this girl in Atlanta girl who loves the Braves and has some kinda brain thing. I'm seriously tearing up...

Alright, bedtime. Marcus Giles seems to be a good guy.