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Game 148 Open Thread- Tigers (67-81) at Royals (48-99)

Back to the utter meaninglessness. Goodbye Cleveland and Chicago for awhile, gotta make sure that the Tigers-Royals slate gets filled. After the sweep in Cleveland, the Royals are staring down 100 losses. It may happen tonight, as Mike Wood (4-7, 3.81 ERA) takes on Jeremy Bonderman (14-12, 4.35 ERA). Bonderman's got nearly unlimited praise for his progress, but his 4.35 ERA pitching in Comerica isn't as far from the Land of Greinke, Lima and Gobble as it might seem.

Should be an unbelievably awesome game tonight, and ESPN and ABC will be in an akward situation on how they'll handle the cut-aways.

The Royals are 29-44 at the K this season.