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Game 149 & 150 Open Thread- Double-Header in KC

After a glorious romp of the Tigers last night, the fired up Royals look to continue their march to the end of the season in style today at the K. In the first game its the incomparable Texas Longhorn J. Howell (2-5, 7.22 ERA) and his array of middling stuff with no out pitch, against Mike Maroth (13-13, 4.94 ERA).

Are these Tigers the blandest team of All-Time? Is there anything to be said about Mike Maroth? Well, he's got alot of decisions under his belt.

In the second game, its Zach/k Greinke (4-16, 5.95 ERA) against Nate Robertson. Is he the Tiger who's also diabetic, and wears the thing while pitching? I don't know. Never could keep those Tigers straight.

If Greinke leaves the game with an ERA still under  6.00, I'll even learn how to spell his first name.

You may have stumbled upon this...

Monday's announced attendance of 8,915 was the smallest crowd to see a Royals' home game since July 5, 1995, when 7,511 watched them play Boston.

Wow, 7,511 for a July 5th game? Something weird has to have been going on. I guess KC fans are starting to wake up to the evils of Wal-Mart Brand Baseball.

Update [2005-9-20 20:59:13 by royalsreview]:Our Boys take the first game thanks to Sweeney and some solid pitching out of the pen. Is there a more listless team in baseball than the Tigers right now? And yet I've never heard a bad word about Tram as a manager... He just seems like one of those guys thats immune to criticism...