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Game 152 Open Thread- Indians (89-63) at Royals (52-99)

The crowds are starting to get dreadfully small at the K, including a 8,640 paid showing yesterday afternoon, but the faint smell of contention coming from the Indians might draw more people tonight. After a bizarrely positive, yet almost utterly invisible and unimportant sweep of the Tigers, the Royals face Cleveland much as they did last week: ostensibly playing "well" and with the potential to assume the proverbial spoiler role. After taking two of three from the White Sox, the Royals promptly rolled over in Cleveland, getting swept in three games.

Tonight, as the White Sox face Johan Santana, the Indians will no doubt be looking to capitalize, sending Cliff Lee (17-4, 3.75 ERA) to the mound against our precious Runelvys Hernandez (8-12, 5.74 ERA). At what point does being "young" no longer make up for being inadequate? Runelvys is now 26, and is the proud owner of a ERA much closer to 6 than to 5, much less 4. Ohh well, when there is nothing at stake, theres nothing much worth complaining about, so why bother?

I'll be curious to see Buddisimo's lineup tonight against the Indians. With so many scrubbably scrubby players like Denny Hocking, Joe McEwing and the sundry non-prospects among the Royals young players, it should be a tough call. All we can know for certain is that come hell or high water Angel Berroa will be there, making outs and errors in his own special way.

I'm not sure what the hell DeJesus was doing in yesterday's game... I thought he was done for the year, but there he was, pinch-running for Sweeney and appearing in a game for the first time since August 16th.

Should be fun being in the spotlight because of Cleveland, and I'm sure the performance of the Royals will be something thats truly memorable for the rest of our lives.