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Game 152- Indians 11, Royals 6 (52-100)

Turn me loose, set me free

Somewhere in the middle of Montana

-Merle Haggard "Big City"

Its almost time to call it a season in Kansas City and despite some randomly decent play against the Tigers, the Royals have finally opened the package on their 100th loss. While the offense showed signs of life tonight, the pitching staff was utterly incapable of getting Indians out, giving Cleveland another win. Once again, the Royals didn't earn any friends on the South Side.

Mark Teahean provided the game's best Royal moment, blasting his 5th career homer, a grand slam which brought almost instant notice to the eyes of Hawk Harrelson as he broadcast the Sox-Twins game. With the homer, Teahen passed the 16 guys he was tied with for 128th most powerful Royal ever. With another strike or two, he could move into the top 100 by season's end.

That was the sound of Teahen passing Niefi Perez and Rondell White on the all-time list...

Ohh yea, reality. Umm, well, Run showed us nothing tonight, unless we've reached the point that 5 ER in 4 IP is consider "more or less OK". He did after all give us a chance to lose the game, which is all you can ask for from the starting pitcher. And yes, can we settle down with Leo Nunez a tad? The kid's ERA is 810, which sounds like the SAT score of someone getting a full-ride to The Ohio State University. Too bad, Bell's fixated on this guy.

Offensively, plus ca change... 10 singles, a double and a homer, complimented with two walks. Look, the definition of a bad plan is a strategy that manages to fail even when it's successful. Can't ask for much more than 10 singles, and hell, Mark F---ing Teahen even hit a ball far, and you still lost.

I have many illustrious former Royals in my sights as I blast my 5th career homer.