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Game 156 Open Thread: Two Miserable Offenses Collide, Royals (53-102) at Twins (78-77)

The Minnesota Twins might have been able to shipwreck the White Sox' Dream Season had they possessed even the slightest ability to score runs. The Dead Sox were there for the taking; cascading emotionally in front of a nervous city, bizarrely calm and off-putting Ozzie, and relying on tiring pitchers and an offense that wasn't very good to begin with.

After taking the first game of the series, the Twins went out meekly: 1-3, 1-8, 1-4. Thank you for playing.

Tonight in Minnesota the titanic offenses of two bad teams square off, featuring the 26th best offense (Minny) against the 23rd (our Royals). At least the Twins have a little bit of pitching.

Continuing his strange and up-side-less early Major League career is J.P. Howell (2-5, 7.34 ERA). Why is someone with a 7.34 ERA making his 14th start? Who's benefitting from this? The Royals surely aren't.