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Game 158 Open Thread- Royals (54-103) at Twins (79-78)

If you can't lower your ERA against the Twins, it might be the case that you don't deserve to be on a big league roster. Tonight, Jose Lima (5-16, 7.11 ERA), proud owner of one of the highest ERA's ever for a pitcher making over 25 starts, looks to do just that.

After posting a July ERA of 3.79, Lima's imploded (again) for ERAs of 6.52 and 11.88 in August and September. Nothing like an ERA one run allowed short of 12 to really redefine "finishing strong".

Ohh well, we'll always have the hollow awe-shucks non-wisdom of Buddisimo Bell to turn to in these dark times.

``He (Joe Nathan) didn't even look like he was sweating, for God's sakes,'' Royals manager Buddy Bell said. ``You've got to at least sweat.''
Thanks Buddy. I am 100% certain that your special blend of buck-passing, rote-conventionality and anti-intellectualism will eventually get this team to the Promised Land.