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Game 159 Open Thread- Royals (54-104) at Twins (80-78)

Earlier this year I argued that the Twins were the least impressive three-time division champ in baseball history. Well, now they're working on the least impressive "winning season" perhaps of all-time as well. But I digress...

Tonight its the esteemable Mike Wood (5-8, 4.14 ERA) against Joe Mays (6-10, 5.54 ERA) at the Metrodome. The Royals look to avoid loss # 105, which would be a new franchise "record". Considering they looked like they might lose 110-120 games for most of the season, I'm not too bummed about the current state of affairs.

Bad? Yes.

Beyond redemption? Probably.

Historically Bad? Not quite.

All hail the great, mighty and wise Buddisimo! Offering cliched, awe-shucks anti-wisdom to all who need it.