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All Eyes on Rogers Centre- Royals (55-104) at Jays (78-81) Open Thread

This is what its all about boys. Royals-Blue Jays for all the marbles at Roger's Centre (nee Skydome). Inspired by the latest batch of meaninglessness from Buddisimo, I have absolutely no doubt that the Royals will sweep the Blue Jays and avoid becoming the worst team in franchise history. Here's Bell's wisdom:

``Inexperience shows, and that's something we've got to live with, but the character has always been there. We've got a lot of young guys that need to show progress if we're going to get better, and I think they will.
Then why aren't you playing the young guys you oafish clown?

Seriously. Is there no accountability for this guy? Whats his function? Show up, put on a baseball uniform, fill out the lineup card more or less correctly ('cause of course once a year he's got to do it incorrectly, costing the team an out) and then head to the media room after the game to string togther some combination of "character", "effort", "that's just baseball" and all the rest???


Why care?

Tonight it's once-and-future prospect Zach/k Greinke and his 5-16, 5.58 ERA line against Josh Towers (12-12, 3.83 ERA). Royals Review has a standing prediction that Greinke breaks down next season, so its doubly good that he's making yet another meaningless, benefit-free start for a 104 loss team. Really, I'm happy for everyone involved.