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Game 136- Royals 17, Rangers 8 (44-91)

What??? 17 runs? Well, we'll take it. The Royals pounded out 5 doubles, 3 homers and 10 singles. Hell, the Royals even managed to draw 5 walks. In short, it was the kind of game when Affeldt could meltdown for an inning and it still didn't matter. Life is most certainly good.

Royals Review whipping boy Angel Berroa had one of his best games of the season, keying the Royal attack with a huge 3-run bomb in the second inning. Plus, behind Berroa, the Huber-Buck combo managed only a 2-10 game, which could have hurt the team's march to 17 runs, had Berroa also sucked.

Perhaps more than anything, it was nice to see Aaron Guiel get a homer and a double today... Its been a long-way back for Aaron, complete with a recovery from a frightening eye-problem that nearly ended his career.

All that good feeling aside, I can't help but be snide about the continued semi-success of Denny Hocking. I'm sure the Royals will see his .280 average, incredible age and supposed good clubhouse presence, and decide that we all need another year of Denny... The question is, how can we construe the roster so that Hocking and McEwing both get 400 at bats in '06. I will accept nothing else.

Don't forget me. I did alright today.