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Looking Ahead: The White Sox Series

The fun continues as the Royals head to Chicago for a three game war with the evil White Sox. With nothing left to play for, a roster devoid of talent and an incompetent management team, it should be a thrilling three days. Plus, even if the Royals somehow sweep the Sox (which is about as likely as a Ty Willingham team having a good offense) it really won't matter since the ChiSox have essentially clinched the division. So all in all, the theme of the series might be something like: Possibilities Limited.

The Royals enter the series winless against the Sox at the Cell this season, and 2-10 overall. Of course, over the years we've had some real fun on the South Side, complete with a few late game heroics from Mike Sweeney, the infamous Gamboa-Ligue Incident, and the semi-related Angel Hernandez game as well. I actually attended the Royals-Sox game the day after Gamboa-Ligue, and remember having a faint sense that the game might be cancelled or possibly played somewhere else... You might remember Joe Randa and other Royals' openly vowing not to take the field if they didn't feel safe...

The point here is not to take pot-shots at the Cell, the South Side, or even the Sox. While I find Ozzie a bit triesome, and the talk of "smart-ball" often misguided, I consider myself loyal to the Sox in their eternal battle with the Flubs, and have probably attended more games at the Cell than any place else.

Where was I? Ohh yes, the gigantic series this week. Curiously enough, the team presser on has marked Mark Teahen as a player to watch this series, on the basis of his recent 7-12 hot streak. Fair enough, I say, I'll be watching him.

By the way, the 2003 Tigers won 43 games. So... like... umm... yea, the Royals, like, could, umm, be worse, or something, this season, I guess.