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Game 139 Open Thread- Party in MoTown, Royals (45-93) at Tigers (63-75)

With each succesive start the question gets more obvious: why is Zach Greinke still pitching for the Royals? Or pitching at all really? Ohh I know, I know, he does have, what, a 20% of getting through his early 20s unscathed, so we might as well send him out there for the next three weeks. Gotta keep up appearances and all.

The folly continues tonight as Greinke (3-16, 6.22 ERA) faces the Tigers at Comerica. The Tigers counter with the world-famous Sean Douglass (5-3, 6.33 ERA).

Still, I hope Greinke gets a "W" tonight, since that 3-16 record looks so damn ugly... and I'm coming from the enlightened position of not really caring about pitcher win/loss totals. Hmm... actually no. Retract that.

I want Greinke to give up 15 runs in the first inning. Maybe that will be enough to convince the Baird/Bell Braintrust that its time to shutdown the sideshow for 2005. (And thank God we pushed Zach/k closer to arb by having him pitch for two full seasons! Hurraa!! Who thinks Greinke will post one awesome year as a Royal, then promptly get signed by another team?)

End the misery.

It is obvious that Royals baseball is dull these days.