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Game 162 Open Thread- Royals (61-100) at Tigers (95-66)

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So this is the last day of Royals baseball for the year. It always kinda sneaks up on you doesn't it?

Amazingly, the Royals go for one of the more anti-climactic sweeps of the season after back-to-back 9-run outbursts against a less-than-interested Tigers team.

Is this the last time we'll see Odalis Perez (2-4, 5.06 ERA) in a Royal uniform? I can't handle the anguish of all these sad goodbyes.

Once again, Gathright leads off, followed by German and DeJesus. Maier gets a start, as does Phillips and Berroa. Good stuff. Best of luck to Angel in his pursuit of a sub .600 OPS. He's currently at .592.