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Two LCS Games At Once Open Thread

In the National League its:

Beltran & Tucker's team against Jeff Suppan's team and the guys that lost the '85 series.

In the American League its:

Neifi's Team (he's starting?!?) against Angel and Teahen's old org.

Seriously. Neifi is starting and batting 2nd tonight. Umm. Why?

Update [2006-10-12 0:44:5 by royalsreview]: The Cardinals game was rained out, obviously. This has to favor the Redbirds, right? Their shattered rotation now looks not so bad. Although, predictably, TLR is being rather demure regarding the status (scroll down for comments) of Carpenter for Game 2, as opposed to Game 3.

Its fascinating watching the NLCS play out given the status of both teams. I don't think either team would be a safe bet to beat about half of baseball right now.

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