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What to do with Emil Brown?

"JQ" notes in the diaries today that the Royals have a decision to make regarding our favorite corner outfielder, Emil Brown.

Here's the summary,

In sum, Emil is a league average outfielder available for a fair salary with no long-term contract risk involved. Seems like a no-brainer - bring him back. Certainly the Royals could use more league average players content with their time in Kaufman. Easy decision, except....

Every game Emil starts means one less game started by Shane Costa, Mitch Maier, Justin Huber, and, if he is moved to the outfield next year, Mark Teahen. It is a given that DeJesus is going to be an everyday player.

What do you think about Emil Brown? Head over to "JQ"s diary and share your thoughts. Do it now.


Switching gears...

How weird is it to watch the Cardinals-Mets series? The Cardinals are getting offense from So Taguchi (so... so Taguchi) Scott Spiezio, Yadir Molina, Jeff Suppan and of course, Albert. Just like that, they look like a dangerous team, even a team of destiny as their vaguely competent pitching staff does enough for them to win. Their worst start of the series was from Carpenter, and that was a game they won.


Congrats to former Royal Jeff Suppan on the game of his life last night.

As I've said multiple times, I feel the Royals are cursed to watch a very un-good Cardinals team win the World Series for really no reason. After the great regular seasons they've had the last two years, only to be bumped out with dishonor, it would be perfectly fitting that this team gets hot and wins the World Series.

I'm a mite saddened that the A's-Tigers series is already over. Much like last season's White Sox, the Tigers are getting out of their mind pitching and a level of offense they didn't see much in the regular season.