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Odds and Ends

-Umm, did anyone else wake up halfway hoping for a "Bell Fired" story? Good. Neither did I.

-Here's the link to the Star's latest version of "everything's great, why would Moore make changes?" story. And here's the KCROYALS.COM version.

- Congrats to the Royals pitching staff. In allowing 971 runs to score in 2006 they made history.

Most Runs Allowed, Single-Season, All-Time

19. 2000 Texas Rangers- 974
20. 1894 Pittsburgh Pirates- 972 (132 games)
21. 2006 KC Royals- 971
22. 2003 Texas Rangers- 969
23. 2001 Texas Rangers- 968
24. 1993 Colorado Rockies- 967

Considering that the K has played as a more or less neutral park the last few seasons (although we'll need to double-check this as soon as this year's data is out) I think the various Rangers and Rockies teams can feel a little better than this year's Royal-staff. Because clearly, they have been mulling this very issue. Incidentally, the 2005 Royals allowed 935 runs and finished 40th-worst of all-time. The 2000 team allowed 930 and is 44th. Between 928 and 974 runs allowed 31 teams are bunched together, including numerous teams from the last decade. Perhaps the most incredible staff on the all-time list is the 1996 Tigers, who allowed an insane 1103 runs (3rd all-time the most for a 162-game team). Thats this year's Royals team, with another run per game mixed in. I don't think the 1890 Pirates record of 1235 is getting touched soon.

-According to VORP, the team MVP among position players was Mark Teahen who notched a 28.9 VORP. Esteban German was second (in, cough cough, limited duty) at 27.1. David DeJesus rounded out the top three at 24.3. The worst player? Do you need to ask? Berroa's horribleness and endless playing time produced a -16.6 score, beating out Paul Bako's -13.1. For a definition of VORP, click here. Regarding the pitching staff, check out the latest diary from "Loyal2s dad".

-So are the Chiefs for real? Arrowhead Pride thinks so.