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World Series Game Two Open Thread

Do you want to discuss tonight's World Series matchup between the resurgent Cardinals and the lovable/hateable Tigers from a Royals perspective? Of course you do.

Win it for Neifi.

This is the Tigers team many of us have been waiting for: the hackfestian group of slow-pokes who can throw together a 5 pitch inning for the opposing pitcher with ease. In today's column at BP, Joe Sheehan noted,

They made him throw 22 pitches in the first inning, with five of the six batters taking the first pitch against him. At that pace, the Cardinals would have been fortunate to get five innings from their starter. After that, though, the Tigers turned into a team playing a getaway day game in June. Reyes threw just 71 pitches after the first inning, getting 21 outs on 24 batters. He got through four of his complete innings on eight pitches or fewer, and had just one inning of more than 13 pitches. Even by the standards of the Tigers--arguably the hackingest team to ever play in a World Series--that's a silly night.

The praise Buck/McCarver heaped on Leyland last night seemed a little excessive. Isn't it standard operating procedure for the manager to take the fall (regarding pitching to Pujols) there for his pitcher? Perhaps they were just excited that something relevant was said during the in-game interview and it helped establish the theme of the duelling geniuses or something.

Royals Review Roving Prediction: The bloom comes off the satanic rose of Kenny Rogers tonight and the Cardinals surge to a 2-0 lead.