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World Series Game Three Open Thread

I feel like tonight's game is highly important. The Cardinals were lucky to escape the Mets considering Carpenter pitched poorly in one game and was beaten in another. He might be, the least intimidating good pitcher, he's like the Marc Bulger of Ace Pitchers, I don't even know what his best pitch is.

In other news, Jeff Seidel had the tough job of writing about the Tiger's Wives this week. Continuing the trend in contemporary sportswriting, everything must fit the "The Tigers are winning because of heart/grit/love" angle. Anything except, you know, baseball:

For many, the bonds were formed in 2003 when the Tigers lost 119 games. Though they come from different backgrounds and different cultures, they have bonded as tightly as the team. Such close friendships are not necessarily the norm with other Major League teams, they say.

Said Katie Leyland, the wife of the Tigers skipper: "This is a good group of gals."

Nothing like getting a slam in at other team wives, eh? I bet they're fatter and sluttier too.