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World Series Game 5/V/Five Open Thread

So who had Cardinals in Five?

Should this be the final game of the season, I figure its worth one last game thread, if only so that I can converse with myself.

It takes a nation of millions to hold Jeff Weaver back.

One Week Ago: Leyland taught the Tigers how to win.

So did they forget?


"Hippstar" says it best:

"best job managing" meme

has already started about LaRussa, as if he did such a better job managing the Cardinals this year than the last five. Funny how the other team making 23 throwing errors and getting about 8 hits in five games makes you manage better.

Of cours, Joe Torre also did his best job managing this year. And Jeter's the MVP for "being the glue" or whatever. Baseball's so dumb sometimes.