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Bouncing Around

Here we are
Face to face
A couple of silver spoons...

-The Theme from Jeff Weaver's favorite TV show

And so farewell to baseball for awhile. I enjoyed having the postseason around as a potentiality, but most of the games seemed like duds, and really only one series was given to much drama: the Mets/Cards refuse to win showdown.

The most recent news of note, of course, has been the pain felt, then examined in Luke Hochevar's shoulder. Well, it turns out he's OK, making the whole kit and kiboodle the non-story we all hoped for.

The possibly more exciting news is that Buddisimo is scheduled to make a visit to the Royals Official Front Office blog (or whatever). You can email your questions to "".

Ring my Bell.

Lastly, I hope everyone is enjoying "JQ"s running series on the free agent decisions facing Moore and company. The latest is on our beloved All-Star Mark Redman and should be read posthaste.