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Wednesday Morning

Jumping around in the spirit of a very warm October. Will summer ever end?

-Buck Showalter is out in Arlington. His career record as a manager is 882-832. Buddy Bell's is 450-630. As Lone Star Ball notes, Showalter refused to resign, preferring instead to be fired.

-Is anyone else enjoying whats going on with the Mets? It should make for good TV, if nothing else. Actually, the Mets fanbase is one I respect quite a bit. The whole Jets-Mets-Islanders versus Giants-Yankees-Rangers thing. Amazin' Avenue is beginning a postseason game thread comment contest of some such. The winner gets a book. Perhaps Royals Review should do the same thing, giving away a copy of Kansas City Royals- Forever Champions.

-No comments about the horrible new ad running on Royals Review? I must have beaten y'all down over the season with the references and pictures of She Who Will Not Be Named.

-So how'd the Devil Rays catch us for worst team? For a season recap of those hated Devil Rays, click here.

-With this season now in the books, a few Royals have moved up the All-Time Team Homer list. Sweeney is still 3rd at 190, 3 behind Otis. Angel Berroa is now tied for 22nd all-time with 45 Royal homers, Matt Stairs hit his 39th Royal homer before being traded, leaving him 32nd all-time. John Buck is already 33rd with 35 homers and Emil Brown is 35th with 32 homers. Emil now leads the exiled Aaron Guiel by one homer. David DeJesus is currently 49th with 24 homers, one behind Mark Teahen who passed him with 25.