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Jumping Around on a Saturday

-First and foremost, R.I.P. Buck O'Neil. He did a little bit of everything and probably got more out of life than just about any one else I can remember. He did KC proud. Pinstripe Alley has a nice piece on the HOF situation as well as links to Buck's conversation with Keith Olberman.

-When did Joe Torre devolve into a petty, small-minded old bitterman? I just don't understand his treatment of Arod. How is it good leadership to throw fire into the media hatestorm? Beats me. Tigers-Yankees today, I'll definetely be watching. Can both teams lose?

-The Cardinals trail the Padres 3-0 in the 6th. Of course, I'm convinced the Cardinals will now win the World Series, for absolutely no reason damning the entire state of Missouri to bleed red (as if they don't already) and the rest of the nation to another 20-years of "LaRussa is genius" analysis.

-Congrats to the A's for exercising some demons this week (even though those demons were overblown and totally misunderstood by the mainstream, Moneyball-not-reading-but-still-hating media). I go back and forth on the Twins, sometimes I like watching them, other times they annoy me. They just had one of those nightmare postseasons when no one gets a hit with men on-base for three games in a row. This may be what is happening to the Yankees right now.

-Lastly, in the Season Recap some interesting comments were made by "daveyork" regarding the Teahen situation.

"I really can't see Gordon and Teahen in the infield together. They both have the greatest value at 3B and I don't think Teahen will be able to switch to another infield spot. This is the opportune time to trade Teahen to help with the obvious needs in the pitching staff, SS and C. There are good teams like SD, LAA, Phillies, etc. who lack a descent 3B. Moving Teahen to the OF makes him an average hitting corner OF. We have plenty of those and more OFs on the way in the minors. I like Teahen but his greatest value to KC this winter is in a trade package that can address the needs of the pitching staff."
Dare we trade Teahen?