Barry Zito

Just thought you all would like to know.

Today this morning on KNBR-680, the greta Eric Byrnes was filling in for the great Gary Radnich. His premier guess was none other than Barry Zito. Byrnesy promised to ask the tough questions and that he did. When asked what his criteria when looking at teams this offseason the two given were talent off the field, as in talent at the minor league level, and hotness of women.

Furthermore, Byrnes asked for a top three from Zito, and he responded with the Cubs and Padres. Third, he gave us all a sleeper, and I knew that it was coming. The Kansas City Royals, rank very high on his list of teams!!!

We have a ton of off the field talent, and as I recall  from an old Zito interview on Late Night with Todd Wright, he actually listed Kansas City as his favorite place to visit because "I got laid  there."

Wouldn't that be great?! If we could get zito at 5 and 55? Come on Dayton, work that magic. And Loyal 2, you need to do your best to help out this cause as well. This is something I think we can help.

A bring Barry Z to KC Campaign?

Dont tell me you wouldnt think the front office would see it and realize how it could help. And If we got Barry to see it he would be totally enamored. Especially if we could get KC area women to sign up and send him a letter with kc women blowing kisses that says come to Kansas City!

Anyways, this has gone on to long. But thoughts please!

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