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Royals Free Agents: Elias Ratings

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As explained by USA Today: The rankings are used to determine whether players are Type "A," "B" or "C" free agents. Their classification determines which draft picks a former team receives as compensation if the player signs with another team. The top 30% in each group get an "A" ranking, the next 20% a "B" ranking and the group between 50% and 60% a "C" ranking.

Click here for the official Elias ratings.

Ten Minutes Later... Seething with rage

OK, I don't really have time to run through this right now... Hopefully a by-team sorted listing will surface somewhere (doesn't this seem logical??)


Did everyone catch Buddisimo today on

There isn't really much of interest in the post, although I'm sure everyone is glad Bell is healthy and staying positive.

Bell believes the franchise is about to turn some heads. He says that began happening well before his diagnosis - well before the dog days of summer heated up.

"I really think this team turned the corner after the first couple of months of the season... I don't think there's any question about that. We just need to keep players healthy."

He believes the changes being made to the roster and throughout the organization will put the Royals in a position to win for years to come. "I think our patience showed the last 80 to 90 games. I think we can look at (Detroit) for somewhat of a blueprint, if we look at where they were three years ago. However, I think the important thing for me, Dayton and the people of Kansas City is to have a consistent contender every year. We are on our way. I can live with the hard times, if in the end we can be a contender every year."

Keep the faith.