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SB Nation Awards: Rookie of the Year

Seeing as how SB Nation has a baseball blog for every team, we decided to conduct our own awards this year, using the structure that the BBWA uses. Voting was done the day after the regular season ended, per BBWA format.

Without further ado, here are the winners for Rookie of the Year.

American League: Justin Verlander
National League: Hanley Ramirez

Here's how the ballots broke down, you should notice a familiar name.

After I voted it was brought to my attention that German wasn't eligible (although I'm still not 100% sure, MLB/BBWA have shown a propensity to be fuzzy in these things). Still, we'll always remember German's magical 2006 when he was Bell's 4th option for regular playing time.

Thus, I went Liriano-German-Verlander. This was the end of the year, when the consensus was Verlander semi-faded. German, admittedly, was a strange pick, although he did hit .326/.422/.459 in 319 PAs, while playing about 25 positions. Still, I'm a tad embarassed that my ballot is repugnant, legally speaking.

Royals Review didn't vote in the NL, per BBWA format.

Manager of the Year shall be gloriously announced tomorrow.