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Mark Grudzielanek Wins Gold Glove

The news is out, our own Grudz has taken the AL 2nd Base Gold Glove Award.

John Buck was overwhelmed with emotion when he heard the news, nearly breaking down in an emotional interview that will be remembered for years to come.

"Good for him. It's well-deserved," Royals catcher John Buck said.

Those words of passion and support for his fellow Royal just leap from the page. This is what the attention to character of the Bell Era has instilled in Kansas City.

For Grudz this is vindication for a supposed snub in 2005 when Luis Castillo took the GG.

Had Angel Berroa won a Gold Glove, his contract stipulates that he would have recieved a $50,000 bonus from the Royals. Luckily for la familia Glass Angel is one of the worst defensive short stops in baseball.