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Linkeration, or Trying Not to Melt Down

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Bob Dutton writes today that, "Until his long-term plan bears fruit, Moore needs free-agent help in the short term". The article's a nice read, although the gratuitous mention of "the Atlanta model" was somewhat cring-inducing.

"The most important exercise that we do every day," Moore said, "is scouting and signing future talent in the international market and through the draft."

The Atlanta model.

Enough already, this isn't Atlanta, and KC certainly doesn't have Atlanta's budget.

Then there's this:

"Last year," Moore said, "I followed what Kansas City did in the offseason, and I didn't second-guess it one bit. I thought they helped their team. "Having Reggie Sanders, in my mind, was great because of his leadership. If you're Allard, you're probably thinking, OK, if it doesn't work, I can trade him at the deadline. Then he got hurt. Those weren't bad baseball decisions."

Umm. OK. You mean the Reggie Sanders that hit .246/.304/.425, with an incredible 86 strikeouts versus 28 walks?

Its been an interesting off-season already for the Royals, especially regarding the attitude of the hardcore Royals fan. Generally speaking, everyone's attitude seems highly positive, just about everyone likes Moore and expects fully that we're about to have a killer lineup. And yet, no one seems to care about 2007 and many are actively against doing really anything in the Reggie Sanders vein. Just forget about next year and gear up for 2008.

But what the Dutton piece also suggests that the ground is being laid for some more pointless money spending, all part of the annual batch of positive press for Glass. As "daveyork" wrote, this is #4 on the Royals off-season list:

The additional money budgeted for next year's payroll will be wasted on average to below average free agents who are untradeable and/or unwatchable. This spending is seen as a move in the right direction. By May, most of the moves are viewed as awful - there are so many examples I can't list just one. Can't resist Albie Lopez, though.

In a market thats even giving Danys Baez big-money, why dip one's toes? In Moore's praise for Regisimo Sanders, we also get a glimpse of #7:

At least one player will be added who "will add a veteran presence," "show them how to win," "play the right way," is a gamer," "will make a solid contribution to the organization," "is a standup guy in the clubhouse" Perhaps you could translate it into common fan language?

In less insanity-inducing news, Royals Charities are Making an Impact according to the offical site, thanks especially to the work of the Blancos, and Betty Kaegel, director of Royals Charities. If your interested in backtabbing "loyal2"s bday, you can work that out here.


Non-Royals links:

-While Sunday Morning QB covers college football from a national perspective, he also gives weekly previews of the Southern Miss football game that are frequently hilarious, due to their over the top celebration of obscure C-USA matchups. This take on the epic USM-UCF game is laugh out loud funny. This man would make a great Royals fan.

-Lookout Landing points out that David Pinto points out that Tony Graffanino was the top defensive second baseman in baseball last year. Ohh well, we replaced him with Grudz (sorta), who won the old school beat writers approval. They know best.

-Beloved first-generation blogger Aaron Gleeman and Twins fan isn't buying Justin Morneau's MVP award.

-Football Outsiders finally has a BP-esque "Playoff Odds Report" up and running. Life is good.

-I read Longfellow's "The Jewish Cemetary at Newport" a few nights back and found it strangely good. I say strangely because you just don't really go into a Longfellow poem expecting much.