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SB Nation Awards: Cy Youngs

On the day after the regular season ended the ink-stained scribes here at Sports Blog Nation voted BBWA-style -- one vote per team-city (more or less), only voting in your league, etc. -- for the major awards.

Here are the winners of the SB Nation Cy Young Awards:

American League: Johan Santana
National League: Brandon Webb

Here are the ballot breakdowns, starting with the American League:

Basically, you vote Santana-Halladay this season 1-2 and then throw some random guy there for #3. I actually think that Halladay won't do this well in the "real" balloting, but we'll see.

For the curious, Royals Review voted Santana-Halladay-Wang.

I don't think I have ever seen Brandon Webb pitch. Webb's definitely in the category of "Really Elite Players that 95% of America has never heard of". Call it the Vernon Wells Hall or Fame. Trevor Hoffman seems to be getting way too much love here.