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New Bats in Old Belfries

Just bouncing around on a Saturday...

Royals Corner has the first installment of the Royals Top 50 Prospects countdown posted and availible for free viewing (I think). Chukars fans will recognize some of these names no doubt.

Speaking of Prospects, the Daily Lancer takes a look at Future Royal Right Fielders... looks like its a no-brainer for Billy Butler to me, no?

Of course, no link barrage would be complete without a look at the new Rob & Rany with reflections on Allard and Buddy, the endless Royal soap opera that warms our hearts.

Rany: Of course I would rather see Bell let go, all things equal. But let's be honest - whatever chance there was that Bell was fired (and it was pretty small to begin with) evaporated when Bell went in for surgery. It turns out that they caught his tumor early, but he's still a cancer survivor, and there's no way that the Royals would be crass enough to throw him out just weeks after he went under the knife. And I refuse to let the fact that Buddy Bell is returning take higher precedence than all the good decisions that Dayton has made in the last 5 months.

Rob: Great. Tony Muser all over again. Anyway, your smart to not let this bother you. I will emulate you, as I usually do. But I hope you don't mind me saying that . . . well, that it's been a while since Moore's made a good decision. Granted, he's not had many chances to make a good decision. But he'll have a few chances over the next six weeks, and we can only hope he's able to find a free-agent bargain or two during a winter that will feature very few bargains.

The beat goes on.

Lastly, there's the latest genius work from "JQ"'s series on Moore's Off-Season decisions, this time on our beloved Welly, Todd Wellemeyer.


Update [2006-11-4 18:45:18 by royalsreview]: This is woefully off-topic, but Neil Patrick Harris says he is gay. Why this is a story, isn't clear, but People is sure to keep us posted.

Lisa Dean Ryan, aka "Wanda" could not be reached for comment.