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SB Nation Awards: AL MVP

On the day after the season ended each blogger for SB Nation Baseball submitted their own BBWA-style ballots, only voting in their respective leagues...

And the winner of the American League MVP is:

Joe Mauer- Minnesota Twins

Here's the ballot breakdown, you won't find a single Royal on this list:

Royals Review voted this way:
1. Mauer
2. Jeter
3. Sizemore
4. Ortiz
5. Tejada
6. Hafner
7. Dye
8. Ramirez
9. Guillen
10. Guererro

I'm big on positional value, hence the straight up the middle 1-2-3. Jeter's generally overrated, but when you hit .343/.417/.483 as a passable short stop, thats hot. Still, Mauer's .347/.429/.507 as a catcher is a historically awesome season.

By the way, it went totally unnoticed, but Miggie Tejada had a very nice year.