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Election Day news: Teahen Wins!!

In a non-shocker, Mark Teahen has been named the Royals Player of the Year. The official title of the award is The Les Milgram Player of the Year Award although it isn't clear theres an actual, physical award.

"It's a nice little thing to put on the mantel or whatever," Teahen said.

Oh, so Teahen thinks he might get a trophy from the baseball writers?

"If not," he said, with a hearty chuckle, "I guess my parents will make me something, I guess."

Perhaps this is an opportunity for Royals Review to steal the spotlight... if someone wants to actually make Teahen a Les Milgram maybe would could present it to him or something. However, considering yours truly doesn't have a Milgram vote (how many KC baseball writers can there be?) maybe we should immortalize his Boyfriend of the Year honor from Loyal2?

Wanted: An Actual Trophy for Mark

With the news of Teahen's glory hitting the public, "Central Champs 2009" ponders the likelihood of seeing Teahen in the outfield next season, complete with a poll on which OF combo we'll actually see.