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The Auroras of Autumn

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We've just about hit the hibernation faze here in baseball land, with not much on the horizon until the winter meetings, which may or may not be eventful. Still, we march on, dedicated to the glory of our beloved Royals, a shining beacon of light in our own dreary lives... Coming Next Week: A New Royals Radio Affiliate Profile

-JoePo weighs in semi-humorously on the Royals Pitcher of the Year award given to All-Star Mark Redman, which also gave him a chance to reprise his classic column from September on how awful the pitching staff was... Good times. Personally, D.A.R.Y.L. May's 2003 is my favorite winner...

-Speaking of not so illustrious honors, Royals Corner has released their latest update of the Top 50 Royals Prospects, this time revealing 31-40. All I know is that Marc Maddox is #32.

-Top Prospect Alert has named their Top 10 Royals Prospects, with Tyler Lumsden at #4.

-On that prospecty note, ex-Royals blogger John Barten has joined the team over at Beyond the Boxscore and will be posting once a week on all things minor league. Since he's a Royals fan I hope this won't include future stories about Alex Gordon.

-Dick Kaegel's back with another mailbag on the official site, complete with his prediction of the starting 9 next season (no Gathright, no Gordon). Kaegel also answers an odd question from an apparently insane Royals fan who was wondering whatever became of Eduardo Villacis. You know, that guy who pitched one game for the Royals back in 2004.

-Royals Authority dives into the latest Bill James publication and comments on some of his 2007 Royals projections. Teahen won't fall back to earth in 2007, but he also isn't projected to outhit Alex Gordon either. I guess we'll find out.

-Non-Royals related, Arrowhead Pride weighs in on the slightly bizarre Huard/Green drama.

-Lastly, you may have noticed the new ads on the site. The tech people are still working out some kinks, but hopefully they won't cause too many problems. Full disclosure: I'm certainly not making any money off of them, their in place to pay for the network's server time basically, which is pretty substantial for 60+ sites all getting pretty solid traffic.