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More on Meche and the Friday Burn

Say what you want about the old regime's signing of Elarton and Mays, at least those signings were so utterly blah that no one wasted much time talking about them. Sure, it was another example of the lack of a long-term plan, and possibly another perfidious ploy from ownership by way of faux-spending, but how much ink can be spilt saying things like that?

Which brings us to Meche, or should I say, "Meche for $55 Million". Yesterday in the Star Sam Mellinger tackled the issue. While giving considerable space to Allard to defend the move, the story also points out the central absurdity of the number.

Those who see him as the unwilling Exhibit A of baseball's M.C. Hammer-like spending habits will always see his contract on the back of that jersey. The No. 55 he took his rookie year simply because that's what they gave him now represents the $55 million in his five-year contract.

"It's kind of weird," Meche says. "It didn't really hit me until (my agent) said something like, `Hey, 55 and 55, what do you think about that?' I just laughed it off."

Now just to be clear, he's laughing because its his uniform-number, not because its insane.

Not to go all Frank Deford on you, but just as a frame of reference we should note that all these numbers are insane. This week ran a huge NBA salaries spread baiting all kinds of angst regarding overpaid/underpaid, etc. The feature was interesting to read, simply for the voyeur-angle: we get to see how much people make. I especially enjoyed see how much random scrubs that I like get paid. Guy's like Chris Quinn. Of course, is well aware that a certain segment of the white middle-aged dude population is absoluetly unable to think about the NBA without slowly simmering into a rage, and the salaries piece played to that contempt as well.

Look, everyone's making money here, (well, except the taxpayers that fund the stadia hoping for flying cars, boasting economies and a prettier girlfriend) and as we say in the era of Parcells, "it is what it is". Meche's salary is only relevant insomuchas other moves are influenced by it. If Glass cries poor in a year, then lets all get good and mad about it. If someone potentially interesting can't be resigned because Gil is set to make $12 million in 2010, then lets show up at the K in paper bags. Until then, its a better use of energy just walking around town hoping you see Meche and become part of his entourage.

-In other news (this be the Friday Burn segment)... Jeff Bagwell has retired, to almost no fanfair. Seemingly only is interested in his status as a future Hall of famer.

-The Mariners actually traded for Jose Vidro this week. Apparently Vidro was still alive. Its moments like this that I'm thankful for Lookout Landing.

-I mentioned this awhile back in a diary, but no one responded... Anyway, BP'ed Will Carroll has been dropping Jenn Sterger references into his usual mix of medhead commentary, fantasy advice and general rumor-milling (I mean that with the utmost respect). Apparently, they really do hang out, and are working on a project together. I'm not sure what this means.

-Please share your 2007 Royals Record Prediction in FlintHillsRoyal's diary. Indeed, its never too early...

-Jeff Suppan, still unsigned. His agent is probably hoping FOX decides to drop the NFL and just show the World Series again. I'm sure Cheifs and Rams fans wouldn't mind.

- J.M. Barten at Beyond the Boxscore offers his take on the Dotel and Soria signings.

- Lastly, SB Nation now has a new Kansas Jayhawks blog, Rock Chalk Talk, which is already cranking out great content. Check it out.