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Sisco No Mo'

The Royals have traded Andy Sisco to the White Sox for Ross Gload.

I guess its appropriate that we've already established the annual Andy Sisco/Mark Quinn Award in his name, for the Royal player who most fails to live up to his promise. Thanks again to "DaveYork" for that idea.

Driving through Illinois on my way to the annual Royals Review Corporate Retreat I heard praise for this idea, as the White Sox think Sisco is another live arm than Don Cooper can fix.

Thanks to "BerroaistheDevil" and "RockChalkTalk" for the heads up in the diaries. Luckily RR found a wireless internet before the news got too old.

More White Sox reaction at South Side Sox. Gload stats at baseball-reference.


Official Way Too Early Royals Review Analysis

-Dayton continues, rightly or wrongly, to shape the team in his image. Sisco was an Allard success, then failure.

-The downside is that Sisco turns good again in Chicago. We all know he has the potential to make that happen.

-I'm not sure what the Royals need Ross Gload for. He'll be 31 next season and is yet another 1B/DH type. I like him as far as backup/bench/supposedly great "clubhouse guys" go. But I don't immediately see the point, other than further burying Huber. And yes, I know Huber isn't even a 1B anymore.

Did you know Gload finished 7th in the 2004 Rookie of the Year voting? That was the season Greinke finished 4th and DeJesus finished 6th.