Ross F'ing Gload?

I'm sure he's a great guy, has already donated his organs to science and donates 100% of his salary to charities.



I like what Neyer said:

Rob: Wow, you know what's really interesting about this transaction? I had no idea there are two Ross Gloads. The only Ross Gload I ever heard of is going to be 31 soon, and has a bright future as a first baseman in Class AAA. Exactly the sort of player the Royals have little (if any) use for.


Rany added this:

But Ross Gload?  Gload's not a bad player; he has a career line of .298/.343/.437, which will play in the majors.  He hit .327/.354/.462 last year and .321/.375/.479 in 2004...and in between he hit .364/.416/.657 in 60 games in Triple-A in 2005.  The guy is a legitimate .300 hitter with some pop, and that's not a bad guy to have on the bench at all.

That is, if you're trying to build a bench.  Has Dayton forgotten that, you know, the Royals lost 100 games last year, and teams that just lost 100 games shouldn't be trading upside for consistency.  So what if Sisco has an 80% chance of fizzling out - I'd rather have the 20% chance that he becomes a legitimate power arm over the 90% chance that Gload will make a decent lefty stick off the bench.

And then there's the question of what we need another 1B/OF for.  My God, we've got Shealy at 1B, Sweeney at DH, DeJesus in CF...Teahen's probably in RF...and you've got Sanders, Brown, Gathright, and Costa that will either get a roster spot or get released. Costa, in particular, has a very similar skill set to Gload - he roped the ball in Triple-A this year - and he's six years younger.  What the hell do we need Gload for?

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