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More Royals to Honor

Last night "ChrisM70" commented on the Honoring Joe Vitiello story in epic fashion:

Players deserving of honor... A stirring tribute to one of the greatest late-20th Century first baseman from Massachusetts with a last name starting with "V" to play with the Kansas City Royals.

(as a side note, when I saw the headline "Honoring Joe Vitiello" I thought that perhaps he had DIED! :))

However, after I regained my composure, secure in the knowledge that Joe was NOT dead, I started thinking about who else from the post-80's Royals deserves his due.

I came up with 2 possibles:

1. Tony Muser's favorite player:

Scott Pose.

A man who set the standard for how every player should play the game - by amassing in two seasons (99-00) over 12 RBI, 48 hits while managing to hit no triples or homeruns - not easy to do. Of course the story of "Scotty" is about all the little things he did that don't show up on the scoresheet - which must have been what he did in the dugout since he only had 185 at bats. I, for one, salute your incredible "intangibles" Mr. Scott Vernon Pose. (yes, his middle name is Vernon)

2. The most unsung pitcher in the modern era:

Eduardo Villacis

How unsung is he? Despite his greatness*, by the end of the 2004 season, his own teammates couldn't remember his name! Shameful. Especially considering his courageous effort pitching against the Bronx Bombers in a hostile Yankee Stadium. He only gave up five runs in 3 innings (in a 12-4 loss) which is quite good considering manager Tony Pe?a didn't seem to know anything about him or his stuff. How was he rewarded? By being released. ?Vaya con dios mi amigo! We barely knew (or remember) you.

*The standard of greatness used in this tribute may not match the standards of anyone else, and may stretch the limits of reality.

Indeed. A piece honoring Scott Pose can't be too far off.