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Football? Did Someone Mention Football?

As all baseball fans know, the promise of a playoff is really no promise at all, you'll still get random champions, division/league alignments will still produce injustices, as will strength of schedule. But hey, at least it was "settled on the field". Or something like that.

SB Nation has a nice fleet of football blogs that are worth checking out, and considering theres not much going on with sticks and gloves on this Sunday afternoon, I will now mention a few I like:

-Sunday Morning QB. One of the more intelligent, well-written CFB blogs out there. Theres something exhausting about college football (a sport I love) in the BCS/24-hour media-era, with every game seemingly just an afterthought on the larger road to endless debate. Its wearying to listen to week after week of intellectual heavyweights like Craig James, John Saunders, Lee Corso and the like passionately argue, complete with biases, bad arguments and junk stat-using. Still, in the wilderness, SMQ is worth reading. He's funny too.

College Football, the Sports World's Version of the Oxford Union,
only everyone's inarticulate and biased as hell.

-DoubleT Nation. A very good, very new Texas Tech blog. My parents are Red Raiders, as am I, in some less official way. Plus, you never know when the next media-created Bobby Knight "story" will break.

-Corn Nation. When did everything become a "nation" again? Still, a well-done, thorough as hell Nebraska blog.

(By the way, if anyone knows any good Mizzou/KU/KSU blogs, I'd love to know about them.)

-Bruins Nation is huge, and fastly becoming one of the most read college blogs. Although they may be upset in some minor way over Dorrell getting love for beating U$C.

-And I've gotta mention Provo Pride in tribute to loyal2.

-Rakes of Mallow. A newer Notre Dame blog thats generally well-done. You know you secretly love Notre Dame. You know you do...

And of course, in the professional game (SEC not included) theres Arrowhead Pride which has a freshly minted Chiefs meltdown to the Browns to talk about.