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Did Anyone Else See This in the Star? And Trade Stuff

In today's Star, there was a column by Joe Schulman about adopting the Royals as his team. Some kind of regular column will be involved, as well as a blog.


Doesn't the Star know there are already Royals fans out there?

I'm sorta interested in who pitched this to whom, since Schulman doesn't appear to have any previous connection to the Star. Just really a bit odd. I'm like half-insulted, half-curious.



"Greggagne4hof" mentions some intriguing Emil Brown rumors involving the Texas Rangers over in the Diaries... I'm not sure how Emil can really have a market, he'll turn 32 next season and is now a career .263/.336/.414 hitter in over 1550 plate appearances. Maybe its his near identical .804 and .815 OPSs the last two seasons. I don't know.

"PhattStairs" meanwhile is talking Royals-Dodgers for a possible trade which seems too good to be true. I wouldn't put it past Ned Colleti either, he may savor Reggie Sanders' veteran presence and leadership.

Does anything beat veteran presence by the way?