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More on Dewon Brazelton

This is from RJ over at DRays Bay, a great Devil Rays site.

The problem with Dewon is he depends too heavily on his changeup, this leads to hitters being able to sit on it. That's purely mechanical and should be fixable, the fact that he gets hit around quite a bit and has walked a load of batters (something he just didn't do in college) while not striking a lot of guys out is another area for concern. Dewon has yet to have a year at the major league level with more than 11 more K's than walks. For example his senior year in college he walked 24 guys in 127 innings, his second pro year he walked 23, in only 48.1 innings.

The positives are that he is a big guy and can probably eat around 150 innings if he gets 25+ starts. At 26 if the Royal's pitching coach can fix his mechanical flaws he very well could live up to some of that hype surrounding being the third pick in the draft, sandwiched between Mauer, Prior and Texiera, though I wouldn't hold my breath as he should more than likely spend some time in AAA.

Off the field he did go AWOL for a while once he was sent down, that may cause some concern, however his child seems to have made him grow as a man. Rest assured he's not a nutcase nor is he a Carlos Zambrano tpe who'll fist pump and such.

All and all he just seems to fear getting hit and that results in him trying to make the perfect pitch, that and the fact he doesn't trust all of his stuff makes Dewon a project, though I cannot deny when he's on; he's on. Will he post an ERA in the 3-3.5 range, probably not, but for a minor league deal / rejuvination project you would do a heck of a lot worse.

Best of luck to the Royals, their fans, the Royals Review, and to Dewon.

Great stuff.

Considering the Royals have had various forms of "pitch to contact" geared pitching staffs the last few years, so that may mean Dewon is a signalled change, or he'll be awful in KC, or maybe... Nothing at all yet.

Clearly, he's got/had some demons, hopefully he can rebound in his 50th chance, this time with the Royals. It'd be nice to see this team on the positive end of one of those type stories, since usually they bounce back after leaving the Royals.


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