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Saturday Roundup: Farewell to Ken Harvey

How much more can the Royals fan take? First Paul Bako abandonded us, now this, the exile of "Grimace" to Minnesota. Yes, friends, Ken Harvey now has a minor league deal with the Twins.

I highly recommend checking out "greggagne4hof"'s diary on the betrayal of Swingin' Ken (the counter-nickname I tried to start with no success). Even through the pain, we'll always remember his epic All-Star selection in 2004.

Royals Review Promise: A Ken Harvey retrospective will be published this week. he deserves no less.

Speaking of Royal greats, I hope everyone has had a chance to read "royalstern"'s diary on The Almighty George Brett...

Meanwhile, "chukar" goes so far as to claim that, looking at our new rotation,:

We're probably in better shape than the Twins after Santana. The White Sox have question marks at 3-5 with both Buehrle and Vazquez slipping (will he still be there?). The Indians were fairly mediocre after Sabathia last year, although they have reworked the bullpen which was their big weakness. The Tigers are clearly the class of the division.

You may remember that in 2006, the Royals allowed 971 Runs, the 21st most runs of all-time. Of course, we went through all that in greater detail in the 2006 Season Review. Obviously, not having a historically bad pitching staff is a good goal heading into 2007. I'd bet my non-existent house that the Royals allow fewer runs in 2007.

Nevertheless, the initial projection on Gil Meche looks a tad higher than we might hope.

And finally, the bizarre/funny war of words between Buddy Bell and J.P. Ricciardi, after the latter questioned Meche's interest in winning after signing with the Royals:

Meche could not be reached for comment, but several Royals officials lashed back -- particularly manager Buddy Bell.

"(Ricciardi) is an interesting guy for all he's done in the game," Bell said. "He's a little guy with a big mouth, and all he does is whine. And you can write that.

"That's the kind of crap in this game that just drives me crazy. He knows nothing about our situation. You've got to be kidding me. Every time I hear this guy talk, all he's doing is whining."