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Some Hither, Others Yon: Greinke with Two Outs and More

As we countdown the finals days of non-baseball... some random thoughts, notes and ephemera.

Last season Zack Greinke posted a 5-17 record with a 5.80 ERA. Greinke has now made 57 starts at the Major League level. I'm not sure what to expect anymore, and I'm not alone. Its safe to say that last season likely lowered his possible ceiling in most people's eyes, as well as establishing a new baseline for his worst level of performance. Can Greinke rebound, or will the Royals continued lack of poor defense mixed with Greinke's middling K-rates doom him? Interestingly, Greinke might rebound simply due to some better luck. In 2005, Greinke allowed a 7.90 ERA with two outs, including six homers.

Of course, in some imporant ways, the nature of the statistic, as well as the game will pretty much always produce high two-out ERAs. Still, you think it's really likely that Greinke's ERA is over two and a half runs higher than Mac the Knife's again?...

What are the odds Doug Mienktiewicz has a .305/.325/.390 month and parlays that into 400 at bats? Then again, we could maybe trade Doug too if that happens.

We really have to wait till March 11th to buy single-game tickets?

When the dust settles on the Mike Sweeney era, where will he rank all-time?

The Royals have a radio affiliate in Sundance, Wyoming 783 miles from Kansas City. Does anyone know why? I'm always pleased when I think about the Angels' radio affiliate in North Dakota because of Erstad, but I've never heard the Sundance connection story...

Of course, if this was a Cardinals blog I'd be contractually obligated to wax poetic about the strength, beauty and timelessness of the Cardinals "Nation". The Royals perspective is more quizzical. Why?

Joe McEwing has made approximately $2.4 million dollars in baseball.

Last season's attendance total, 1,371,181 was the lowest since 2002 and the 2nd lowest per game average since 1975. Weirdly, the 1975 Royals went 91-71 and finished 4th in the AL in attendance, at 14,220 per. Needless to say, baseball's grown.