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John Sickels Top 20 Royals Prospects

At long last, SB Nation's John Sickels has revealed his Top 20 Prospect list for the Royals. If you aren't already reading Sickel's diurnally, then you clearly aren't a prospecthead.

Theres some discussion of the merits of Billy Butler's glove, as well as some latent praise for Allard... (Is that possible?)

The Royals have been drafting better since the disastrous Colt Griffin pick in 2001. In addition to Gordon, the '05 class has sleepers like Bianchi, Dickerson, and Fisher who all bear close watching. But overall progress with the rebuilding effort has been slow, and the organization faces tough competition given the deep nature of the Cleveland and Minnesota farm systems.

He's got Huber listed as the third-best prospect, which is sorta a mixed bag, considering dude's getting old.