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The Ballad of Rey Sanchez

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Theres not much going on in the world of Royals baseball right now, or, as we are prone to say now, the Royals Nation (why not a confederacy?). Sure, theres the stadium funding fight, which really never seems to ever get anywhere. Its also inherently difficult to write about a situation in which a) you never know what the actual truth is and b) you need a PhD in Kansas AND Missouri political science as well as a JD or at least an MBA and c) one finds themself actually appreciating the K more with each additional demand that a 100,000 seat retractable dome by built.

Theres the Emil Brown arb hearing I guess, and we could always speculate on Buddisimo's possible lineups, rotation choices and who gets the scarlet C closer label out of the 'pen. Still, it seems tough to do these things when Affeldt hasn't even suffered his first blister yet.

Anyone else feeling the same way?

I would give anything to see Allard actually acquire Austin Kearns or Kevin Mench, just because I've now spent the better part of three years reading about these deals.