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Buddy Bell's Awe-Shucks Anti-Intellectualism: The 2006 Edition

Gotta love Buddy, a true cheekers man if there ever was one. He's almost like a caricature at times, like he's straight out of Central Casting as the gruff and bunt but ultimately sagely wise baseball manager.

Take for instance his insightful remarks regarding the now even fatter Runelyvs Hernandez:

Hernandez has always liked his vittles and weight has been a continuing concern for him. No one is saying what he tipped on the scales, but it's obviously more than the 250 pounds listed for him.

"I thought he looked the same as he did last year," Bell said after Hernandez's first workout. "The bottom line is he's a big kid who can get guys out."

Why do reporters even ask this guy questions? Seriously. Its like he actively resists saying anything even interesting. At least Ozzero spices things up with profanity and bizarre vendettas against innocent bystanders.

Its gonna be a fun year.

"Buddy, what happened with Angel getting picked off third with no outs in the 9th?"

"Well, he's a fast kid, and it was a bad play. I'm not worried."

"Buddy, Buck and Back combined have a .750 OPS, are you concerned about their production?"

"Speak English hombre. No, I'm not worried at all, Paul Bako has done a lot for this team."

"Buddy, Greinke's ERA is now over 5.50. Are you concerned about his progress?"

"No way. You gotta [trust/stick with/dance with] your best [farm animal/date/girl]. He's a great kid, he'll be fine."

And so on and so forth.

Does anyone really think that Run' being out of shape isn't a problem? Really? Reeeally?