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Evaluating BP's Team Health Reports

Sometime next week Royals Review should hopefully be speaking with BP's Will Carroll, the more or less founder of the so-called med-head school of baseball analysis. (Although, as Rome would say, "I don't want to jinx this").

SB Nation's own Marc Normandin recently took a look at the accuracy of Carroll's THRs in today's BP. (Got all that?)

Here's the old school link for you BP's subscribers:

Y'all cheapies can still read the first couple paragraphs though...

Normandin's conclusion? It's been more or less accurate

The most serious issues with the system seem to be ones that have already been addressed by the newest incarnation of it. Catchers have received an adjustment in the new version, which as you can see by the fluky trend above, was necessary. The main problem with the accuracy of the system seems to come from fluke injuries; collisions and concussions seemed rampant in 2005, but it's not clear how you can adjust for that.

We all wait with baited breath to see if Sweeney gets a red light or merely a yellow in the Royals Team Health Report...