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Friday Evening Randomness

Poking around on the internet tonight, while joylessly watching the History Channel's program on The Little Ice Age, I noticed that the Live KC website has started posting podcasts again. (Wow, thats a hell of an opening sentence.) Anyway, the 02-23 Podcast features a review of, umm, Royals Review.

Listen for yourself.

Speaking of an Ice Age... how about the last decade or so of Royals Baseball...

Today's wire featured this vaguely interesting note:

MELBOURNE, Australia -- The Royals front office is searching all corners of the globe in an effort to make sure no stone is left unturned in Kansas City's quest to return as American League Central contenders.

Royals president and part-owner Dan Glass, general manager Allard Baird, and Baird's special assistant Louie Medina appointed Kansas City's first Australian scout during a ground-breaking excursion to Melbourne, Australia -- the home of first baseman Justin Huber, who made his Major League debut with the Royals in 2005.

How is this worth it? So we find a guy in Australia and... and... what? He plays with the team and two years later we can't resign him anyway?

What was that movie with Kevin Bacon? Air Up There? something like that??

In other news, its definitely good that Elmer Dessens is being looked at as a middle man. He's not as good as Mike Wood, but Wood will be eventually be starting again when Run + somebody else breaking down.

Another random thought: If the Royals are gonna insist on having 12 or even 13 pitchers, do you think they could at least try some interesting things? Maybe multiple "bullpen days" a week, or two three-inning guys or something like that?

Somehow I don't think Buddisimo will be trying that.