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AL Central Roundtable Preview: Part IV- The Tigers

Continuing our preview of America's Favorite Division here at Royals Review, we turn our eyes to the Northeast, towards Detroit. Once we could count on the Tigers to be worse than the Royals. Not any more. Once, we could count on the Tigers to employ Buddisimo Bell. Not any more.

For more on the Tigers check out the discussion at Bless You Boys:

Here's a snippet:

List off your favorite Tigers moves from the offseason, as well as your least favorite.

Mark: Really the best move the Tigers made this season was holding off on some disastrous moves. There were many rumors flying around regarding trading Verlander or Granderson, and it was good to see Dombrowski and the Tigs front office valuing the farm system talent the team all of a sudden has.

Both the Rogers and the Jones moves were pretty much so/so. They are two aging pitchers who both have performed pretty well over the last few seasons. While they are up in the years, the Tigers avoided giving them long, drawn-out contracts that would be regretted in a few years. For the Tigers sake I hope that Kenny Rogers can influence the lefties in this rotation and give Jeremy Bonderman a little room to grow as Rogers takes over go-to guy spot in the rotation.

It's tough to choose a bad move, although I think the Tigers could have tried to lure some younger guys to the team, instead of just band-aids at certain spots.

Jesse of Twinkietown: The difference between the Royals' moves and the moves of the Tigers is that the Tigers had a base of talent to combine with the influx of new players. Instead of signing players to keep from getting worse, they signed players to compliment areas that needed complimenting. Todd Jones and Kenny Rogers aren't fantastic moves, but they fill needs.

The Cheat: Their best move of `06 may be acquiring a healthy Magglio Ordonez. He should be back to his .900 OPS ways.

As for bad moves, well, they didn't make any franchise killing moves. Just think, Juan Gonzalez could still be under contract. I'm pretty sure the cameramen in Detroit signed a petition against the Gambler signing.

Good Stuff.

And hey, did you see this? The first Mike Sweeney injury of the spring!!!

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Another one of those nagging injuries has put Mike Sweeney on the sideline.

This time it's something new, a bone bruise on the left ankle joint that he apparently had when he reported to camp.

"It's probably going to keep him out a week," Royals manager Buddy Bell said Sunday. "It's been sore. He could've probably played, but they're going to put him in a boot."

Trainer Nick Swartz said Sweeney would wear a protective boot away from the ballpark but would be able to take batting practice until he's ready to return to games.

I trust you Buddy, I trust you.

Its gonna be a GREAT season.